Game Day Thread 07.31.21 - Sox at Rays

Forgot it was my go! Good luck Sox. Wish I could be around. We got this!!!

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Didn’t even have time to check the pitcher lol

Hope I come out of the movie to good result!!

Go Sox go.

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Go Sox!

I’m stuck on Gameday. Just looked and Sox are up 3-0 in the first. Okay, Eovaldi, do your job!

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Shit! Rays get 2 on a Choi home run.

Tie game 3-3 :rage:

“High cheese there”


I think OB just said Arauz made two errors this inning. I mean, WTF?

“I gotta have it”


Those Devil Ray throwback unis are fugly.

“Soft salad”


Ooh, fugly Devil Ray hats too.

I gotta say, these Rays are really good.

Mejia with a 2-run shot to make it 5-3 Rays. Good gosh :frowning_face:

Bobby D. ties it with a 2-run shot.

“That is a beautiful thing”


Yarbrough out and Kittredge in.

C’mon, guys! Break the tie!

Ooh, 2nd and 3rd one out.

Intentional walk of Verdugo to load ‘’em up.

It’s up to Vaz.

A slam here would be nice.

“Low paint”