Game Day Thread 07.24.21 - Yankees (Taillon) @ Red Sox (Nasty Nate)

Won’t be around for this one folks. We have disc this afternoon at the farm. Won’t be able to catch any of it :frowning:

Let’s keep this going!!! Let’s make it 10-2


It’s the dreaded 4:05 PM start so I’ll be missing parts of this, as well.

Enjoy time at the farm, Tyler.


Depending on what comes up today I should be able to watch.


Go Sox!

  1. Enrique Hernandez 2B

  2. Jarren Duran CF

  3. Xander Bogaerts SS

  4. Rafael Devers 3B

  5. J.D. Martinez DH

  6. Alex Verdugo LF

  7. Kevin Plawecki C

  8. Franchy Cordero RF

  9. Michael Chavis 1B

Kike! A triple and a throwing error and it’s 1-0 Sox.

I’m stuck on Gameday :frowning_face:

I’m in. a few edibles, the last few small shrooms, a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and Sox/Yanks.


Let’s sweep these bastards.

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Make that 2 to zip. :slight_smile:

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Back-to-back doubles, I think.

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C’mon, Nate. Don’t give it back.

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Whew! Looks like a double play and a strike out.

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Yep, it was good stuff.

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Another double. Durant has rockets on his feet. Damn is kid fast for a white boy!! LMAO

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3-0 Sox and I’m missing a good one. Soon.


Checking In

3-0!!! Hell ya.


Wait. What? Behind 4-3? WTF happened?

Looking at the box score it must have been an ugly 8th inning.

Ha ha! Doubled him up. Forgot how many outs there were.

Okay, walk this thing off!

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Need to rally here. Last chsnce

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Come on bats

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Gotta be patient here.

Shit! One out.