Game Day - 04.01.21 Orioles at Red Sox

I miss Mikie.


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Lol still going with her hey. Her mojo sure didn’t help us last year, she better do better this year

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Come on Devers!!

Yeah, that was ugly.

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They’re returned the favor. Lots of rust

Pitchers dual so far

Nice double play!!


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Can get any runs.

Bats are cold. Sheeeesh.

Holy errors Batman. Sheesh

Nearly two home runs in a row. No luck today

I had to step away and now I’m stuck on Gameday :frowning_face:

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Poop. You aren’t missing much. Means making us look silly

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Blame me. I posted the EVOO pic. I’ll retire it.

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Daaaaaaaamn you!!! Lol that is ok, we will overcome this

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We have a runner on!!!

Two men on

Nothing. Ugh.

Yup, and Bobby D. called out on strikes.

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Last chance.