Game 4 Pats@Chiefs 10/4/2020

OK. Here’s the tale of the tape.

This could and should be a barn burner.

I always expect a win under Hoodie but this is a tough one.

Expecting a chiefs win but hoping for a pats win. Should stil be a very good game. Chiefs look unreal this year. Hopefully someone can put them in their place.

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Adam Schefter

Patriots’ QB Cam Newton tested positive and is out for Sunday’s game vs. Kansas City, per @FieldYates and me.

Just got it on ESPN wow. Brutal

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Pats/Chiefs game has been rescheduled til Monday or Tuesday.

So many Covid cases already. Crazy. Steelers and titans postponed too

So, I’m obviously not following nearly as close as normal and aside from conversations with johnlocke on another platform I really don’t know a whole lot about what’s going on. So, why is Hoyer starting this game and not Stidham? I follow the numbers and to this point I’m not seeing what looks like any kind of a real passing attack. Obviously that’s something that takes time to materialize over the course of time and reps so I’m wondering if it’s Hoyer’s familiarity with the offense?

The main reason is because it appears Hoyer has beaten Stidham on the depth chart. Every game so far, Hoyer was number 2, and Stidham was inactive. Bill of course isn’t going to tell anyone who the starter is or why, so watch him surprise us all by starting Stidham. :wink:

Oh, this is timely. Reiss just posted an article about it.

RB Sony Michel has been downgraded to out for #NEvsKC.

Albert Breer@AlbertBreer
The Patriots planes are scheduled to land at MCI at around 11 a.m. CT. Anyone who’s been there knows—It’s a good 35 minutes from that airport to Arrowhead. Kickoff at 6 p.m. CT.
Gonna be one long day for New England.

Sorry Clown, stole this from you on the Planet. Love it. :slight_smile:

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If pats win with Hoyer. This will be the most amazing thing ever lmao

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Game time.

16000 fans in the stadium tonight.

Holding them to a fg is a win.

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Not a bad start. Gotta put up points though.