Game (2) Thread 09.04.20: Jays at Sox

Okay, win this one.

Those light blue unis look like pajamas.

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Lmao yes they do hahahahahhaah

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Nice bunt JBJ!

1-0 Sox. Yay!

Are we really not losing? Weird. :slight_smile:

I like this Munoz dude.

Devers needs to adhere to the new rule and stop spitting.

Lmao they look comfortable in those pajamas

2-0 sox

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Chavis with an RBI and it’s 2-0 Sox.

Jackie needs to homer here.


Nice catch Lin. Nice smile.

Awesome double play!

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Looking better then we did this afternoon

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Munoz strikes again with a double!

3 for the good guys!!

I flipped over to Law & Order for a bit.

Bobby Dalbec isn’t very good.

“High piece of cheese” ~ Eck