Game 1 2019 season Sox in Seattle

Sale is struggling but Sox ahead.

Sale is toast, get him out

WTF happened? I only switched to the game when it was 7-2 and couldn’t watch the camera focusing on the clowns in the ESPN booth and not the game. I suppose I could Google it, but it appears there may be something wrong with Sale.

The sox kept his work down in spring training and he was just missing everything, I do not think it was an injury, he just sucked.

but he got it out of his system and will improve. remember Pedro was last sox opening day pitcher to suck as bad!! pretty good company to be in.


It wan’t just Sale. Devers committed an error on his first play at 3rd although Sale got out of it striking out 3 in the first. Mookie and JBJ were out of sink in the outfield running into each other.


Devers got lazy, he had time to adjust and not backhand the ball.

Mookie took the ball from JBJ who I say called for it but the booth broad (I kid) said he wasn’t vocal enough in a loud ball park.

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:rofl: at “booth broad.”


Well,…that was shit.