Edelman popped for PEDs

Say it aint so Julian!!!

He’s an idiot if guilty.

Meh…there is so much out there in the supplement world that is largely unregulated that i never think its impossible that they just ingested something they thought was legal. And even if he did knowingly ingest something that he knew was illegal i still find it hard to blame guys who do too much. Theyve dedicated their lives to their sport to the point that they probably dont have any other marketable skill set. Not every guy can be an announcer or a coach when their playing days are over. We have the luxury of rooting for the laundry. Some new guy will come along and replace the old guy and we as fans wont miss a beat. But the old guy has to look at it like a business. They have to do what they have to do to protect that paycheck for as long as they can.

Nick was on WEEI, he stressed exactly what you said, supplements are an unregulated mess and he is pissed he got popped but owned up to it being his fault. He said biggest issue was the bonus money they grabbed with 4 games salary over a million bucks!!!

I think some of this is obvious. The rock or wrestlers are beaned up but nick is a big chubby dude.