Darth Maul Series Anyone?

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Makes sense seeing that he survived being cut in half.

After watching The Mandalorian, I am looking forward to more content.

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Lucas can’t be writing all this shit himself, can he?

I envision him as acting like a Professor who gives guidance on big picture story lines, but whose Grad Students do most of the detailed writing.

AS far as I know, Lucas has very little, if anything to do with any of this. He sold the whole thing to Disney and Kathleen Kennedy runs it.

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Interesting. I wonder if that’s why the Star Wars franchise has made such a comeback, after the Prequel Trilogy. New Writers, New Ideas?

Oh yeah. Disney bought Lucas out for $4 billion and immediately set to work on making a franchise of it. The first movie - Episode 7, was done by JJ Abrams. Disney wants to do much like they did with Marvel.


The thing is, and I haven’t seen all the new movies yet … nothing they are doing with this franchise seems out of line with Lucas’ general vision of how the Universe works, how its characters interact with each other and their environment, etc.

I also think that maybe Lucas’ crew didn’t have the stugots to tell him to his face that things like Jar Jar Binks were bad ideas. I doubt anyone at Disney (even Kathleen Kennedy) has that sort of Deity standing when it comes to this iteration of the franchise.