CYA Trent Brown

Adam Schefter ‏Verified account @ AdamSchefter
Former Patriots’ OT Trent Brown intends to sign a four-year, $66 million contract that includes $36.75 million guaranteed with the Oakland Raiders, per source, making him highest paid OL in NFL history.

$36.75M guaranteed, too.

It’s Wynn Season now.

:wave: Chev!

Patriots Planet iz broke.

It sure is, lol!
I blame Chiefs Planet!

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I also blame Chiefsplanet :smiley:

I blame Julio Lugo.


Chiefs Planet is down as well.

I knew this was on ChiefsPlanet

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oh hai!

Well, the Pats aren’t going to set that kind of market. Good for him I guess.

Patriots Planet is back up.

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two years and we will be calling this signing a JaMarcus Russell level mistake.