So what you got? Still have cable or satellite? What streaming services do you pay for? What is your internet speed?

I’ve been a DISH customer for a very long time, but all I use it for any more is watching Patriots games. That’s a lot of money to spend for that one thing. I am a little connection-challenged as far as throughput, so I have been picky about relying on streaming for live events. Been trying out YouTubeTV and it has been great so far. Will probably cancel DISH.

Besides that, I use Netflix, Prime, and Hulu. I occasionally temporarily pay for HBO (GOT) and CBS AllAccess (Star Trek).

For hardware, I own an Nvidia Shield, an original Fire TV (the box with ethernet), and a Roku. I use the Shield the most (runs Android TV), and use the Roku in the bedroom.

And then I use ‘gray’ market addons for kodi-like services for occasional viewings of things that are not available on the above services.

Well, like I’ve said elsewhere here I think I have tried YouTube TV and loved it. I’m moving soon from a place that has free cable so I will be going that route. And I use Vudu for movies and Netflix for other stuff… And I also have a shit ton of movies, TV, Sports and such on my PC that I use Kodi for.

I have Xfinity internet at both my houses, but I only have cable at the Florida house (where my sister lives). Xfinity lets me log in to Roku cable channels like ESPN, etc, here in Colorado using my Florida credentials.

Here in Colorado, I live on high ground. I have a digital antenna with a booster stage feeding a distribution amplifier that supplies TV signals to four rooms in my house. Each gets 75+ digital channels, but half of them are Spanish, or Jesus … or Jesus in Spanish. Between the 35-40 usable digital channels here and the 20-30 cable channels on the Roku, I have plenty to choose from.

Directv with internet thru ATT. Fire TV with kodi. Netflix and Prime.

How fast is your internet connection? We’ve got a few more months left on our Directv and then we are getting rid of it. My main hangup so far has been sports. Reddit streams work ok for nfl games but I’m afraid of losing my beloved Cocks.

YTTV looks to have a good selection of sports channels and local channels. . That will probably be my first option.

I have a bonded aDSL connection running at around 25mbs.

Another year or so and Starlink from Space-X should be available. I can’t wait for that. Possibly 1gb world wide.

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FIOS for Internet, YouTube TV for streaming.

Just switched to YouTube so I could get the Bruins, was using Hulu prior

Yurs is bigger than mine :sob:

What site is that from? Did you run it on your mobile? I want to run the same and compare.

I always use

Mine was

And yes mine was mobile.


The best I got, from my phone was 6mbs, from Montreal. From the fastest listed, NY, NY, I got 3mbs.


Did better with the speed test app

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My original results were from They all seem to agree fairly closely.

One day I’ll be able to get those speeds. And everyone else will be 10gbs

So I was going through some of my monthly subscriptions, and realized I am not using Hulu much right now. I do watch several things on it, but am never in a rush to do so, and always binge watch. We have other things we are watching right now, so I thought I’d cancel Hulu for a bit to save the money.

That’s when I learned about suspending, which I took advantage of:

Pause Scheduled Your subscription will be paused for 12 weeks beginning on your next regular billing date. Unless you resume or cancel before the end of your pause period, your subscription and current billing will resume automatically.

It is brilliant. I can resume any time, and not have to create a new account. Couldn’t have been easier or more customer friendly. More companies should do this.

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If I had to review Xfinity, it would be a mixed review.

Their bandwidth is great for the price, and their internet connection has been among the most reliable I’ve ever had.

For some reason, though, their Roku authentication has issues. I have to re-authenticate just about every channel but Showtime every week or so, which is way annoying.

However, on the plus side, they do let snowbirds suspend their services in Florida during the off-season. My sister lives in my house down there all year round, so I don’t take advantage of that, but I’m sure 80% of the other snowbirds appreciate that option.

I’ve pulled the trigger based on YTTV’s performance these past few weeks and Dish Network’s retention department refusal to come through for me.

After 20 years, I disconnected Dish. I am streaming only now.

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Excellent choice. I just started my free trial for a second time to see if I like it before I move to my new place and totally cut the cord. It’s outstanding.

Have it on my PC connected to my TV and and on the Roku system that came with my 65 inch TV.

I love the DVR and that YTTTV can do 1080.

Love it.

My only complaint with yttv that I have to think they’ll fix at some point is no 5.1 on live stuff. I’ll miss that a bit come playoffs.

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