Complete 2021 MLB postseason schedule

Scroll down for dates, times, networks, etc. Looks like I’ll be able to see them all as none are on MLB Network :+1:


I have a Sox schedule app that tells me what day they’re playing, who they’re playing, and on what stations you can see them which is very helpful.

I will check your link you just posted cuz there’s been a lot of TBD from MLB


What is the actual name of the app or how can I get it? Thanks!

This is what it looks like. Let me go to the app place and get the right name for it first I wanted to show you a picture what it looks like


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It’s called Boston Baseball Red Sox edition. I’ve been using this app for about 2 to 3 years now

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Thank you, Muse!

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This is what it looks like once you have the app and it’s open