College coach says Patriots will love their new "Wackjob"

People are going to love the way this guy plays the game,” Brown told Andy Hart in a column for Patriots .com “I can see him being a four-team special teams guys. He’ll be a terror now. You won’t worry about mark, set go, he’s gonna go! He plays relentless with a great motor. He’s a never-give-up guy. They’re certainly going to fall in love with his work ethic.”

Patriots fans will love Brown’s description of Winovich’s playing style, too.

“Complete wackjob,’ Brown emphasized again before explaining the description. “When he plays, he gets in the zone and he plays the game like a crazed dog, that’s for sure. He’s a little flamboyant off the field, not to the point where it’s distasteful or arrogant. He just has fun playing the game. After every tackle for a loss or sack I’d say, ‘Let’s see what he’s going to do now when he gets up?’ He’s going to be missed, that’s for sure.”


Now that’s what I want to hear. Hell, yeah!!

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