Chiefs at Patriots 10/14/18

Thought I’d throw up a thread for the second half anyway. I know a lot of people are flipping back and forth with the Sox, so there is less time to post.

24-9 Pat’s at the half.

Fuck 67 yard td chefs

Michaels and Collingsworth going on and on about gaping holes. :fearful:

Gordon with a nice catch, glad to see, he looked I injured earlier.

Field goal pats


Field goal chefs


Fuck Brady fumble

Td chiefs


End of 3rd

Fg pats


Well, the game is turning to shit and I am the only one here. I guess I’ll stop now.


And that’s all I have to say about that.

Sorry UT. I am at work and trying to watch a play here and there had my efficiency already scraping the floor without a bunch of posting. Now I gotta bust ass the rest of the nigjt to catch up lol

Nice win for us tho.

Sorry. I would have gotten on here during the second half, but I couldn’t reach my phone because my butthole was clenched too tight.

Way too many brain farts by the secondary and I hope somebody gets absolutely REAMED for that kick return.

Excellent 3 minutes “sights and sounds” of the game by the NFL network. TB shows confidence throughout.