Are you able to work from home?

Two part question really…

Are you able to work from home?

If so, has your employer encouraged it with COVID?

My answers so far are Yes and No. I didn’t always have a job that could be done remotely, but I worked hard to get a new profession where I could. Unfortunately, my management is pretty old school about things like remotely working.

I see many major companies have already mandated it including Google, Twitter, Microsoft, etc…

I am hoping there is word soon from mine, but not holding my breath.

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I work from home but Jo works in a factory on machines. So, she can’t work from home but no, as of yesterday I have heard nothing from them about shutting down, right now.

Interestingly, she is sleeping next to me right now, home sick.

And, now I have bathroom issues and actually did use a bunch of tp. Weird.

But I have been drinking some vodka the last week instead of my regular beer diet so I think that variable needs to be taken into account.

Back to beer. lol.

I’ve cut way back on drinking since this all started. I figure my immune system needs all the help it can get.

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I dunno, read everywhere that alcohol his this little bastard. I think I’m ahead of the game. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Well, we haven’t heard much about any outbreaks in Russia yet … :thinking:

Coronavirus < Stolichnaya???


Love it. :rofl:

There are certai. Things I could do from home, all the emails and formatting letters I could do from home. But I also book all the councillors rooms and get them ready for meetings, go through all the mail, and do the finance side which I couldn’t do from home.

There are times I think working from home would be cool, and then I think. My son would distract me and I wouldn’t get any work done ahahha

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My supervisor would argue that I don’t work even when I’m there. But he us an asshole who thinks 20 years in the Chair Force makes him an expert on running the Widgetmaker 5000A.

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That is a terrible wave emoticon.

That’s it I’m never posting here again.



Here, I added a new custom Wave, just for you.



Holy shit man, that’s funny.


If I still posted here I would be offended.

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i am set up to work at home.

i can probably handle 75-80 percent of my tasks off site.


It’s not going to surprise me if the employees who can WFH are more productive during this period.

It might make the big bosses wonder how many of the smaller bosses are just getting in the way. This could lead to some long term structural changes in some Corporations. :thinking:

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Well, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. - Plato


My son wouldn’t let me work from home. He would distract me lol.

But I could do quite a bit from home if I had to.

The mother of one of my two work friends that I talk to the most works at a nursing home that just confirmed a case of corona. He spent several hours with her on Tuesday.