Any audio video geniuses in the house?

My Firetv has stopped working. The light us blinking orange. Usually you can fix this by disconnecting the power for a few minutes and rebooting. When I do this I get a No Network Connection error and the suggestion to go to Settings.

The problem is that we lost the remote for the FireTV a while ago. And the FireTV app that I’ve been using on my phone as a remote has stopped also. So I can’t click on the go to settings button.

I thought buying a new remote would fix this. But I can’t get the new remote to pair with the FireTV.

I just realized I’m going to have to watch the Falcons game instead of the Patriots game.

Someone please help me :sob:

My brother is super good with this stuff. Unfortunately he’s gone to the states for work this week :frowning: I’ll text him and see if he reply’s. I’ll copy and paste.

Go to your nearest large retailer and buy a new firestick.

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Like I said in that other thread: Internet posting is not the lucrative career that being an Angry Clown Deity is. I can’t just go buy new stuff every time something breaks.

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I know that feeling. I struggle just to pay bills every month. If something went of mine. Tv, phone , laptop I would be fucked.

I’m not familiar with the FireTV stick. If you don’t have a functioning remote, then how can you navigate to the menu that allows you to pair with a second remote?

Edit: It sounds like you’ve already tried everything recommended by the guy in the video below. I am not sure why he emphasizes keeping the fire stick plugged into the HDMI port of your TV while power cycling it, though. I can’t see how that would make any difference, but I am no expert on the HDMI standard.

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My long national nightmare is over. I found the old remote in a couch I had searched no less that 4 times.


Lol well glad there is a happy ending.

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