ALDS Game 4 in the Bronx - Sox vs Yankees - take the leg


Quiet in NY

In the booth too. That’s a great thing.

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Vasquez keeping them on mute

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Vaz! Home run! 4-0!

Mookie looking tough

Getting loud at the stadium. Time to shut them up again

Sale on the mound

It worked

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Kimbrel time

Ugly freaking appearance by Kimbral

Will not be overturned.


This is one of Thep’ s coworkers. We suspect he had a Bullpenuerism at work tonight and is in intensive care. Just keeled over right there on the production floor. Luckily the EMTs were able to revive him by showing him old David Ortiz playoff highlights. But the doctors aren’t sure if he’ll ever be the same. Pray for his soul…


Thep’s coworker.

I have no fingernails left. In fact, I have fewer fingers than I did in the eighth inning.

What a win. Fuck the Yankees with a pitchfork.

Also, Angel Hernandez needs to be put out to pasture. What a fuckin joke.

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Quick!!! Roll him back in before he dies!!!