ALDS Game 4 in the Bronx - Sox vs Yankees - take the leg

Game 4, Porello and CC on the mound!

Time for a C.C.esta, a Sabathical for the Yankees season.

I expect Benny to be hit, the benches warned, and the Sox to seek revenge with more runs gained than allowed.

I still have faith in Mushroom man to mold the mound like a fungi and win

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Rachael worked, so howzabout some Giada cooking some shrooms?

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I’m providing the “at work” mojo again.

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Pierce singles, JD up with two outs

Infield single 1st and Second

Biggie up

C’mon, X!

Walked loaded

Kinsler up


15’ more was all he needed

Next time.

Out is an out but that was long

‘Shroom tripping them up

8-pitch first for Portobello.

Vasquez walks.

Mookie up


CC is throwing pitches

Sabathia’s pitch count rising.

Runners on 1st and 3rd nobody out.

J.D. at the plate.

Sac fly and Sox strike first.