ALDS 10.05.18: Yankees (Happ) at Red Sox (Sale)

I Love winning

Me too!

Nice to see you in the game thread.

Sale’s night is done after getting one batter in the 6th. Brasier in and the Yankees score a run.

Anyone warming? 5-2 now. :angry:

Workman coming in. Two on and two out.

Bases loaded. A 4-pitch walk. Ugly.


I’m here to close. Mrs Almet insisted . on a date night. I’m a little tipsy but i can make it yk tje 9th.

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Mookie time

Sit down stanton

This would be a great time for a double pkay

Fuck Brett gardner

Need runs

Alright offense

Never a moments worry.

1-0 good guys

All good, bullpen is fine.image

It appears he sat down 4 times.

Remember this message board meme? :rofl:


Really? I thought you used it years ago on Sox Planet when an opposing batter struck out. Must have been someone else.