ALDS 10.05.18: Yankees (Happ) at Red Sox (Sale)

Go go Sox run all day

95, 94, 80


Sales has velocity

Two looking, one swinging. One walk

Sales gets 3 k’s But a lot of pitches

Benny!!! Single

Benny takes second

Pearce walks!!

1st and second with JD up

3run homer!!!’ JD Martinez!!!

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I’m here! Love seeing a lead.

Double play! Yay!

Sales looking ok

What a catch and throw by mookie. Almost doubling up at first, unreal

And he leads off with a double!!!

Benny drag bunts getting mookie to 3rd

Happ replaced!!!

Happless kind of night

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Happ already outta there.

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Pearce! 4-0 Sox!

Nobody out.

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X sac fly makes it 5-0.