ALCS Game Two 10.14.18: Astros (Cole) at Red Sox (Price)

The Price better be Right. I mean Right, like this:

I hate David Price.


JBJ wall ball double gives Sox the lead 5-4 in the 3rd.


Oops sorry.

Sorry for some reason i can stream the patriots game fine but the Sox game is buffering he’ll.

Need runs. Why the hell am I alone here?

Sorry, I’m in a bad mood and still sick.

I’m here and I still hate David Price

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And there’s one. 6-4 good guys.

Ian Kinsler and Eduardo Nunez can share a blanket on the bench for the rest of the series.

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anyone want to start the game thread, share their mojo

Just so I don’t ruin the new game thread’s mojo, I’ll ask this here.

Why the fuck is Nunez starting???

The same for Kinsler, amiright?

in Cora we trust???

Watch both of them get 3 hits tonight.