By all means, if you don’t enjoy moderating and censoring people like you claim (a very, very obvious lie) then quit. Give up the reigns.

No one’s asking you to go anywhere, your 72,780 posts as of this writing (sure to go up by the time you respond) will remain a record even if you did leave, but I’m sure you’d combust if you didn’t have your refuge. You could just as easily contribute your inarticulate pablum without the ability to silence those that dare disagree with you.

Are you so narcissistic that you believe that the Planet couldn’t possibly survive without your oversight?


I take it that’s a no on whether you’d give up your precious mod spot? Aww but I thought you claimed you didn’t even enjoy it? You mean you were lying again? Wonder if your dishonesty contributed to your failed marriage, hm?

Anyway, two major political stories have broken over the past 48 hours that have gotten nary a mention over there:

Meanwhile, plenty of subroc and Baron cheering for RBG to enter the grave.

Misogyny reigns supreme on mikie’s MAGA hat heaven.

As TommyD once said, this board is the way it is because that’s how the fat stupid fuck wants it:


Coward, hiding behind your keyboard. Typical coward.

You really are kind of flattering, your obsession is amazing.

But then I realize you are simply an angty troll, butt hurt because you were banned from a message board for most likely acting as you do here. A spoiled little brat, upset I banned you.

Well you succeeded in destroying this place. Congrats coward.


Even funnier I bet I didn’t even ban you. But we will not know because like a typical coward you hide who you are.


What’s the matter fatass? Can’t reach over to orgasm any more so censoring people on an internet messageboard is the closest you can come to sexual pleasure?

Like I said, you’re a liar for saying that you don’t enjoy moderating. It’s clearly the only thing you have going for you in your pathetic, simple life.

It’s not your fault that you’re retarded. You struggle to arrange words into sentence form in your own native language. In previous generations someone as dumb as you would’ve been killed as a child for the better of the rest but you get to remain as you are. The problem is that you take a forum that was once a great exchange of ideas and discussion on politics, football and everything else and dumb it down to your level so that the incomprehensible garbage that you post becomes the average discourse.




What’s it like to be such a pussy you need to hide like you do? Coward, you are a freaking coward. You do not have the balls to man up. Hide like a 12 year old behind a keyboard. Insults mean nothing from a sackless coward like you. You destroyed this place because of your behavior, the same spoiled little bastard act that got you banned.

Give up the mod? Never, too much fun watching you be a little shitball over it. Hahaha.



Yep, you would never give up being a mod under any circumstances.

Meanwhile, your home life is in tatters.

It all makes sense



By the way, if you were smart, you could very easily figure out who I am. I’ve left you plenty of clues throughout here.

Alas, you are retarded. You can’t even converse intelligibly in your own native language. As I said before, someone with your IQ would’ve been done away with in childhood in previous civilizations. You’re the perfect argument for why we should go back to adopting such measures


Pussy, you are a fucking pussy. You are my bitch. I own you douchebag, I own you. I live in your mind you freaking coward.

You are my bitch!!! You lovinging bitch!


Only a couple people on this place have any balls, the rest sat twiddling their bitch thumbs allowing you to be the coward you are.

The owner of this place is a pussy too for allowing this act but know I own you. I am loving that.

Dance monkey boy. Insults are laughable because they come from a coward.


And we’ve moved into your delusional phase. This is where you usually declare yourself martyr and the bastion of model behavior and ban the person that so irks you. Now, without that those special buttons on here, you’re unraveling into infantile adolescent screams. How impressive.

Hopefully this board IS being read by the rest of the Planet. I’m sure they’ll be pleased to know that they’re esteemed moderator is not an inarticulate egotist but has the temperament of a 12 year old when challenged. Actually, you do that without any help from me.

At any rate, I decided to check and of course you’re wrong about accusing me of having any impact on this board’s activity. I arrived here in late September and stayed a bit in early October and the board was still buzzing well into November with Red Sox talk. No impact from my presence at all.

I return now and the board is dead and it’s still dead.

This is very much unlike PP, which was once buzzing with traffic. Then you decided that the board should be a haven for you and the other chauvinists so it became borderline pornographic as you rolled onto your fatass to give imapig a blowjob while taking it in the ass from Claremonster. The result is the current sewage pit that was once a fine place for discussion.


Hahahaha. You sorry sack of shit. You are fucking laughable. Coward

Dance bitch dance!!!


Nah, I’ll just fuck your wife again


“I own you” is what you used to tell her in your usual misogyny.

How’d that work out for you?


Have fun, but you know you are dreaming, and hoping it was me. I own your thoughts, I own you bitch!!

Your life sucks so you think this matters. Go on. Have fun coward


Same old act pussy. You are useless. You and so many others here deserve the lack of traffic. I have to go but dream of me bitch


Mikie: “I own you.”

Wife: fucks the whole town


All but you, she said your dick didn’t work. You were a wet noodle.

Keyboard hardass, limpdick coward


What would you do if you didn’t have your mod buttons?

Obviously, spend time with the family isn’t an option given that they can’t stand you.

Kill yourself?

I renew my call for you to resign.