Sadly, this thread actually does remind me of most political discussions nowadays.

I wonder how long it took to find those 3 year old posts on PP and link them here. And I wonder why anyone would give a shit enough to do it.


Less than 5 minutes to find those. Probably would’ve been shorter if I still had access to be able to search, but alas. Thank god for teh googlez.


Do you think Mikie is the only person here who has had bad things happen to them in real life?

I am not collateral damage. I am damaged. Maybe not in the exact way that Mikie has been. But damaged none the less. If you knew the details of what has happened in my family in the last year you’d probably jizz for all the new internet winning information you had.

Jesus fucking Christ dude. You used details from his personal life to try to exact revenge because he banned you from a message board like 5 years ago. Do you posess the self awareness to understand how awful that is? Are you capable of understanding how far over the line you went? Are you mature enough to say “OK ive said my peace. Time to find a different drum to beat”?

Fuck. Dude. Be the bigger man and let it go. Its a fucking message board. Not the Supreme Court.

You, IMO, are a despicable human being. Youve proven to be the guy who kicks another person when they are down. Thats irredeemable in my book.

So here. We forfeit. You win. We are all admitting it. Brodie right, Mikie wrong. You are the winner. You won the internet. You are the internet Grand Champion. Now please just go away. You arent wanted here.


I never said I was banned 5 years ago or even a year ago.

Mikie is, however, the perfect example of how bad things happen to bad people.


Okay you’re right, it’s a bunch of chauvinists now and PFL getting talked down to.

God what a cesspool. I know it’s heaven to a miscogynistic pig like Mikie but Christ I feel the need to take a shower after reading that blatant sexism.


How bout those Red Sox, huh???


Dr. Andrews said I have a special elbow.


special, yeah right


I used to enjoy talking Sox over on PP.

Oh well, who could’ve guessed the unforeseen consequences of banning everyone you disagree with and then watching board activity plummet.