I changed the category of the thread to “Politics.”

I am not stepping in to take any moderation action here, but I am just curious if this debate could be made based on the underlying issues and not on insults?

As I said, not a moderator request. Just a question from another member.


This thread should be pinned to the top of the page so we know what is allowed and not allowed . I am sure it is bringing a lot of potential posters.

It could be but the guy , I assume it is a guy, is too afraid to say who he is or give any information. Not to say I want to be a mod here, I don’t nor do I actually enjoy the BS I deal with on the other place but I do it because it was once out of control. I feel this type of stuff will be read, possible members will see that any tom, DICK or harry can join and slander people with no response. I personally was not aware it would allow cowardly acts of keyboard warriors.

Step right up, Join and risk some asshat pulling shit like this.


I doubt that.

Keyboard warriors are as old as the Internet. Were any of you ever on Usenet back in the day? Or Dial-up BBS’s? Everyone was a keyboard warrior and great fun was had by all.


Back then I avoided those sites

Only the two planets and patsfan for me

I got NEM as my learning curve


I was banned two places for being a pats fan prior.

Eagles and panthers boards.


Awwww… i always miss all the fun.

Brody sounds sad. And angry. A sad angry little man. A sad angry little man who tries to make himself feel better by tearing other people down. How is that working for you, Brody? Did you fill in that sad angry hole in your life? Im guessing not. Im guessing that it just made you more sad. More angry. I mean imagine waiting for weeks. Lurking on a message board for months. Biding your time for years. Begging the universe for one chance to get your internet revenge. One opportunity to right the wrong that was perpetrated upon you.

Imagine finally after all that time, all that waiting, that your target is finally in your crosshairs. You were tempted so many times to just walk away. A little voice in your head whispered, “Its just a message board.” But no. Its not just a message board. The internet is serious business. And your humiliation must be answered.

Imagine your target. He never even sees you coming. You unload. Both barrels.

Man did that feel good or what. Totally. Worth. The. Wait.

Now imagine your target look at you with confusion. For all your outrage. For all your indignation. Your target doent have a clue who you are. You were less than a blip on his radar. Forgotten almost immediately. Not even worth remembering.

Imagine how sad that would make a person. How angry. I feel sorry for Brody. I really do. To have harbored a grudge over internet things is just…super sad.

I think M Bison of Streetfighter fame said it best:


I agree, holding grudges for internet-related things is pathetic, you are correct!

Let’s take a look at the evolution of his grudge with TipRoast, shall we?

Looks like their little spat began in January 2015 with TipRoast correcting mikie and mikie making a complete ass of himself:

In fact, he was such a baby about it and threw such a tantrum that he proceeded to create a thread where he continued to make an ass of himself:

Now, this was over three years ago, but it looks mikie held the grudge all that time and would have little spats in the interim:

Now all of this culminated just recently with mikie banning the good TipRoast completely unjustifiably:

So yes, I will agree, holding grudges like that over internet related things is completely pathetic. Mikie is the gold standard on that one.


Cool story, bro.







It’s not a very interesting story, I agree.

It’s an unexciting, repetitive story in which a quality poster gets under mikie’s incredibly thin skin (I figured he’d have some whale blubber under his massively obese body, but no, just a thin skinned pussy) and mikie stalks and baits/bans them.

It happens again and again. And it’s the reason why the board is a lot less interesting than it once was.

Also, I laugh at the notion that mikie doesn’t like the BS he deals with as mod. What a big fat fuckin lie. Having the ability to censor people on the internet is clearly the highlight of that pathetic man’s life and he’d sooner surrender his children than give up the mod buttons.


Yes. Mike is the one with the unhealthy obsession. Clearly.



I’m sure he’ll have an unhealthy obsession with yet another poster soon enough and this board will be down yet another contributing poster.

Sad, really.


One time, a moose bit my sister.

Then years later, i was at a zoo in Minnesota or North Dakota or one of those snowy wasteland states. I remember i had gone to this zoo for their world famous moose enclosure, which was said to be one of the top two or three moose enclosures in the world. I was sort of absent mindedly perusing the brochure they i had gotten when i paid my admittance, titled Moose Facts: 20 Things That We Betcha Didnt Know About Mooses, Eh? Now that i think about it, it was probably in Canada. And then all of a sudden, there he was. The moose that had bit my sister.

Instantly i was transported back to that fateful day. And the rage welled up. And i just couldnt let it be.

“Hey, you. Moose. You are the moose that once bit my sister,” I shouted.

The other moose enthusiasts were all startled. But i was too far gone to care.

“You moose…or should i say hey fattest member of the deer family…why dont you take your broad palmate antlers and go back to where you belong, namely the wild forests of Canada, New England, Alaska, the Baltic states, or Russia, where you’ll live out your days in lonely solitude, since mooses typically do not form herds.”

Boom. Roasted.


And then i texted my sister, and told her how i had gotten revenge for her, and she said, “Dude that was like 30 years ago, when i was 7. And it wasnt really a moose, it was that kid from next door in a Bullwinkle halloween costume. You need help Thep. Seriously.”

And then she hung up on me.


Well I certainly hope you’re not the next one to make it on mike’s shit list.

You’ve certainly put enough effort into preventing that from being the case. Hopefully that doesn’t go unnoticed.

However at the rate of exodus from PP and the fact that board activity is at a drag, you may be the only one left, I’m afraid to say.


Ive been on and off so many message board moderators shit list that ive lost count. Ive lost count because i understand that in the grand scheme of things, being on a message board moderators shit list is about as meaningless as it gets. There are literally thousands of places on the internet a person can post his opinions. Get banned from one, go to another. Get banned from that one, go to another. And even if you got banned from all of them, you can still crate all kinds of social media that is largely unregulated to spout off. And even further on from that, your opinions arent special. Thats not an insult, Its math. There are what 10 billion people on the planet now. I mean Christ what is so fucking important that you felt the need to harbor a grudge against a moderator for YEARS,

I mean seriously, all jokes aside, whether mikie was right or wrong, you belaboring this grudge make YOU look crazy. Not him. Not us. You. None of us here agree with you even in the slightest. Granted there are only 4 of us, but that fact honestly makes you look even less stable. Whatever you were on Patriots Planet, you have been reduced to a sad awkward joke.

I was a moderator at, lets just call it a non sports message board for a while 10 years or so ago. The owner (read: The guy who paid the bills) had some rules for posters to follow. Some were arbitrary. Some were Draconian. But they were the rules. I didnt make them, i didnt agree with all of them, but it was my job to enforce them. Pissed off a lot of posters. A LOT. If one of them somehow tracked me down today and attacked me for being a egotisical asshole this would be my response:


(deep breath)


I mean seriously. I see two options.

  1. This thread is a joke. In which case, good job…excellent trolling. You got me and thats not always an easy thing to do.

  2. This thread is not a joke, and you are one deeply disturbed person. And if thats the case, i hope you get back on your meds soon.


Like I said, I hope you’re not next on that simpleton’s grudge list.

You’ve certainly put enough effort into this. The fact that you’ve now typed far more words on this topic than I have indicates that you care more than I do.

At any rate, looks like the obese dumbass threw another little tantrum this morning so I’m just going to revel here in the fact that he can’t ban me over here. I encourage you to enjoy the view rather than typing novels defending him.

But yes, sure, I’m trolling. I enjoy getting a rise out of him now and I absolutely did. It appears he’s not the only I got a ride out of, however, and I apologize for you getting caught up in the collateral damage. Like I said, it’s best you just sit back and let that fat fool make an ass of himself on his own rather than defend him. He doesn’t deserve it, that I can promise you.