Go fuck yourself you fat stupid piece of shit.




Supposedly not a thing on this site.




Not TipRoast, another poster that you banned because you lack the intelligence to respond eloquently to arguments you face.

Maybe if you spent less time obsessing over a messageboard you wouldn’t have the sob stories about your personal life that no one cares about.




Still not him. I’m not surprised that you’re not smart enough to remember all the people that you banned.

Regardless, must suck that you can’t ban me over here now too, doesn’t it? Not being able to silence me must be soooooooo frustrating.

BTW, your wife since she left your fatass has been a great lay. Me and every other guy at the station really appreciates it!




I know you’ve banned so many, that’s the reason why the place is a cesspool. All that’s left are you and a couple other chauvinists.

By the way, your wife says you’re just as unable to form coherent sentences in real life as you are on the internet. It’s amazing that someone as dumb as you doesn’t drown while showering.


I’m still there and I’m not a chauvinist. Oh, and I like cats.


If you read the politics forum and saw what that repugnant fat slob has to say about women you might be shocked.


This thread went into Bizarro mode.

Any idea why every post by the thread starting idiot is now “abc”?

Then again, that’s about as coherent as anything that fat stupid slob posts.


you are hiding behind a keyboard typing shit, I don’t care to figure out who you are, enjoy


You hide behind a keyboard censoring people whose opinions you don’t like.

Now that you don’t have ban power, you’re a complete coward and you’re not man enough to talk to someone who you can’t silence.

You’re a fat pathetic loser and it’s no wonder your own family can’t even stand you.


you speak the truth, you know so much but you know my name on a different place, I am not the one hiding - it is you who is the coward.
and I bet I wasn’t the one who even banned you. I just told you to stop being a prick.

Why did you not use the same name if you were so brave.


I happily posted directly to you when I had a username on that site. You were too much of a fat pussy to let me do so, however, so I am no longer a member of the community.

I don’t use the same name because I don’t use that name anymore anywhere now thanks to you.

Anyway, I heard about this site through the grapevine and heard that it was unmoderated and that you were a member. I figured you were too much of a spineless coward to actually debate with people that you can’t silence and it appears I was right.


debate what? that you are afraid to tell who you are? Come on you could be any of the assholes that were banned. I laugh that you think you are bothering me. I am not the asshat banned from a forum searching out someone to feel better about myself.

Shit I almost feel sorry for you and the miserable life you have, You may want to seek some kind of help. I suggest you find some before you harm yourself in your hate filled life.

Enjoy your weekend, you watching the sox play? should be a good game - you should start the new game thread - that would be awesome.


By all means, grow a sack and unban the posters that you unjustifiably banned and I’ll happily reveal myself at such time. Hell, I’ll give you credit for admitting your mistake.

But you of course won’t.

And I don’t think I’m the one that needs to worry about my life. You go on ahead and cry some more about your wife fucking half the town now.

Edit: I’ve gotten this message:

You’ve reached the maximum number of replies a new user can create on their first day. Please wait 20 hours before trying again.

I guess playtime is over for me today.

Oh well, unlike a mikie ban, this one isn’t permament, so maybe I’ll show up tomorrow and abuse our fat mod some more.


you are afraid to say your name, you are so sad. come on admit who you were.

or are you coward.