11.28.21 What’s goin’ on?

Good morning, friends :coffee:

Enjoy your day!


Good morning, everyone!

I arrived late afternoon and spent some time unpacking stuff including things my MIL gave us.

But I was able to watch the Alabama- Auburn game.

Good grief and a bag of chips, what are they trying to do, take all emotions and play it on a plate to pass around? Oh, good golly.

I am not sure if we will win the SEC game next week, Jack, but I will watch.

I was rooting for your team, sorry they lost.

I am seeing everyone Patriot fans on PP, on Facebook celebrating and saying no one roots for OHIO.

Ah, I do. I wish for Michigan to lose every single time, every single game of every single season. No, not everyone roots for Michigan. B%%% please.

I will be back during the Patriot game to see if anyone is around if I don’t forget. I am still catching up on stuff that was not done being gone for a few days.

And again, Michigan sucks. Yes, I said a bad word but they do.

I am glad Ayden is feeling better, Tyler.

Joolz and Jack I hope all is well with you guys as well.

It is good to be in my home, my space and my comforts here, you know?

Good morning!


Also, Jack? Remember when I said thank you for Jameis Williams- ah, yesterday what happened will make it harder for us to win next Saturday. I truly don’t believe he was doing it on purpose and I also wonder why in hell was he on defense to even make that penalty.

And another thing. I hear the voices on PP talking about how Bama this and that. Auburn did not get flagged on quite a number of plays. So stop bitching about one or two places that you are bringing up that Bama did not get called on. And to keep that QB in when he is clearly hurt is BS. As I said to hubby they clearly did not believe in their 3rd string to keep their back up in. Mississippi did the same thing with their QB Will Rogers III , yes he is related to him, his shoulder was lowered, he was wincing and after half time the announcers said he had treatment. Yes, they shot him up to keep him in the game, he was clearing in so much pain. His poor mom they kept a camera on her.

Ugh I am so glad Bama won over Auburn regardless how bad we looked, regardless how one sided their fans are being right now. We may lose next week and you may thing oh, Auburn won, at the end of the day you lost and that will be in the books.


LOLOL Okay, I am done, honest on this topic here.



Morning all!!

MUSE! Glad to have you back. Sounds like you have been busy the last few days. I hope you had a great thanksgiving. Colts and Tampa go head to head today. Let’s go colts!!!

And thanks muse. Ayden is back to his old self for sure

I won’t be too active today folks. We are going to leahs parents I’m watching the colts game there and the rider playoff game there so might not be on my phone much but I’ll just appear here and there

Have a great day folks.


Welcome back, Muse :heart:


We understand family time. Enjoy it. Thank you, Joolz.How are you?

I’m sitting down in front of the TV just doing busy work so I don’t have to do it during the game at 1:00.



It’s good to be back here, my online home

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Musie rant & she has my back!

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Hi Musie!! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful


Absolutely have your back. :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

It’s good to be back. I have missed my people here.

Even though I wasn’t here I was getting updates on the Ohio game.





I really wasn’t all that upset. I didn’t have a real good feeling about it & michigan was way overdue to win. It happens.


I just read that over there. Good to read.

I reread my rant and it’s a pretty good rant isn’t it?



It’s a work of art! :heart: :heart: :heart:




I bet Jasper & Nye were happy to see you.


They were. It’s rare we leave them alone. I think it’s only this time of year that we do it.

Was so good to see my boys again.

How was your Thanksgiving? How is your family?

Joolz, same question.


Thanksgiving was good. Glad that my ma was able to come this year. I mentioned when you were gone that she is in good health & very active but she is 84 so you never know how many of these things she has left.


That’s a blessing. So happy for your family, Jack