08.26.21 Game Day Thread - Twins (Grant) @ Red Sox (Sale)

Because I’m bad ass. And bad asses need their likes :joy:

Oh, there’s so much I could say but I won’t.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Lmao!!! Just agree hahahahaha.


Heck, I may not be able to get into the game but I might log in just to read the comments. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Lmao. I will try and comment. Won’t be as active but I’ll keep you both updated in the women’s hockey

You’re going down USA :joy:

Both Canada and USA are undefeated actually. Will be a super good game

We both killed Russia hahaha. Canada won 5-0 and USA won 6-0. Hahahah

Fighting words, bucko :rofl:

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Always a good thing to beat that team.

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Hahahaha I just hope for a great game actually

Both USA and Canada have destroyed everyone. I want to see a good close game. 4-3 type final

And a great performance from Sale tonight. Lol

You’re not asking for a lot, are you? LOL

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I mean have you our Boston Red Sox?

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Lmao I’m easy to please.



Sox win

Oilers win

Colts win

A good night sleep lmao.

And a good performance from sale tonight


And a good orange juice.

Can’t forget the orange juice now. :blush:

You might just want to depend on your whiskey and your orange juice because the rest of those wins are sketchy. LOL

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Lmao oilers made playoffs but got swept

Colts made playoffs but lost first round

Sox might not even make playoffs hahahahahha.

Sox need to win tonight.

Hockey game about to start. Starts an hour before the Sox game.

Finland beat the Swiss 6-0 lol