07/2/2019 Red Sox (Price) @ Blue Jays (Thornton)


Eating something that you have to sign a waiver for? That’s insane! Wait. I had to sign a waiver before I jumped out of that plane at 13,000 feet. :wink:


As did I but the hot sauce I had was a harder landing than when I hit the ground. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I was going to jump but my brother I was going with got injured and we had to postpone and never got back into doing it. My Daughter wants to Jump, she is a thrill seeker and wants her pilots license.


I would highly encourage her to get her pilot’s license. My ex-wife got hers and even took me up a few times after we divorced. Once to NYC. GRR. . Damn that made her slightly nicer to me. :joy::joy::joy:


she is looking into taking it in College, yup flight school type of classes to become a commercial pilot but later move on to private. Hope it works for her if she really wants it.






I did my first tandem skydive to celebrate my 50th birthday. On the day of, the jump got called off due to high winds, so I went again the following Saturday. The guy who jumped with me had made 9000 jumps and he was only in his thirties.

Anyway, that minute or so between 13,500 and 5000 feet was like being in a ridiculously fast paced video game. The contrast between that and the peace all around us after he pulled the chute was like night and day. If it were not for us talking, there would not be any sound except the one made by the light breeze.

I will probably do that again if my health is good enough when I turn 60.

Oh yeah, a few weeks later, Bush Senior jumped on his 90th birthday.


Wow… that sounds terrifying.