07/2/2019 Red Sox (Price) @ Blue Jays (Thornton)


Jeez. Not this crap again.


Even when we are up 10-3 I don’t feel comfortable. What a joke


A win but damn this bullpen is brutal.


I’m gonna miss tomorrow nights game cuz I’m going out with friends to see fireworks at 9:30 then off to Weirs Beach for their fireworks at midnight.

I almost never miss a game but hey, when the chicks say let’s go out I gotta go out. :slight_smile:


Hahah amen man. Have a good time!!


Thank you.


enjoy, I will be at Patriots Place watching fireworks!!


Thanks. I really, really wanted to go to Gillette as well but Jo is a wicked country girl and just didn’t want to go to MA.


Have a blast.


I’ll be on my couch eating chicken wings.


I’m all winged out. coming off a Boys weekend with my son and he was on a hot wing challenge that made me want to skip wings for a few weeks.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Yeah I saw that. :slight_smile:


Oh boy, not sure I could do spicy wings. My stomach is not what it once was. I love spicy don’t get me wrong, but if I eat too much of it I can’t get off the toilet. Last time I had a spicy sub with banana peppers, jalapenos and hot sauce I’m not kidding I was in the bathroom till my toes were numb lol.


Haha!!! Years ago me and my buddy hate a jalapeno contest. We tied and ended up in the bathroom in agony for hours the next day. I think I burnt all the nerve endings cuz I have no problems no matter how hot anything is anymore. :joy::joy::joy:


he had to do the hottest so we worked our way up, second hottest, then two days later hottest. The waitress asked him not to, she didn’t want to clean up throw up. we split the orders of top two and were fine. but that is a lot of wings.


Holy crap.


Lmao omg… my ass would never forgive me if I did that contest.


Wow. That’s impressive.


King of Kings is a machine with hot stuff, ate some shit in Gettysburg that you sign a waver for. and a guy died a week earlier. it is scary to watch.


Yeah, I remember that.

I got some stuff that I had to sign a waiver for down the Cape as well. The bottle said “May cause cardiac arrest”. Insane but it was really good and thankfully no matter what I’ve done to destroy my body I’m healthy as a horse.