07/03/19 Red Sox (Sale) @ Jays (Waguespack......who?)


Some no name bum against our Ace. Lose this and you deserve to be banished to Dimension X!!!

Dimension X is an alternate galaxy from the Ninja Turtles. Keep up people.


Michelangelo checking in


Now that is a great name haha


Red Sox (45-40):
RF Mookie Betts R
3B R. Devers L
SS X. Bogaerts R
DH J. Martinez R
LF A. Benintendi L
C C. Vazquez R
CF J. Bradley Jr. L
1B M. Chavis R
2B Brock Holt L

Blue Jays expected lineup:
DH Eric Sogard L
3B V. Guerrero Jr. R
LF L. Gurriel R
2B Cavan Biggio L
CF T. Hernandez R
1B Justin Smoak S
RF R. Grichuk R
SS F. Galvis S
C Danny Jansen R


Ginger beef and noodles for me


Sale looked shaky but we will see how the rest goes.


He doesn’t look happy about it either.


I’m happy. I’m eating ginger beef. Mmm


That looks yummy. Takeout or homemade?


Hey! Sox lead 2-0!


Homemade. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I was gonna get a sub. Tomorrow I will get a sub :slight_smile: now I have heart burn ugh.


Bad Sale.


Vaz is on another level this year. 3-1


Vaz! Makes it 3-1 Sox.



Ugh. What is up with sale.


Yup. Tie game.


Some ace he is.


Don’t think Sale Well see another inning. Another pretty disappointing night for our supposed Ace.


This young guy for the Jays. Is making the Red Sox looks silly


Sale just gave up a 2-run shot. Jays now lead 5-3.