07/03/19 Red Sox (Sale) @ Jays (Waguespack......who?)

Some no name bum against our Ace. Lose this and you deserve to be banished to Dimension X!!!

Dimension X is an alternate galaxy from the Ninja Turtles. Keep up people.

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Michelangelo checking in

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Now that is a great name haha

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Red Sox (45-40):
RF Mookie Betts R
3B R. Devers L
SS X. Bogaerts R
DH J. Martinez R
LF A. Benintendi L
C C. Vazquez R
CF J. Bradley Jr. L
1B M. Chavis R
2B Brock Holt L

Blue Jays expected lineup:
DH Eric Sogard L
3B V. Guerrero Jr. R
LF L. Gurriel R
2B Cavan Biggio L
CF T. Hernandez R
1B Justin Smoak S
RF R. Grichuk R
SS F. Galvis S
C Danny Jansen R

Ginger beef and noodles for me

Sale looked shaky but we will see how the rest goes.

He doesn’t look happy about it either.

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I’m happy. I’m eating ginger beef. Mmm

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That looks yummy. Takeout or homemade?

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Hey! Sox lead 2-0!

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Homemade. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I was gonna get a sub. Tomorrow I will get a sub :slight_smile: now I have heart burn ugh.

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Bad Sale.

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Vaz is on another level this year. 3-1

Vaz! Makes it 3-1 Sox.


Ugh. What is up with sale.

Yup. Tie game.

Some ace he is.

Don’t think Sale Well see another inning. Another pretty disappointing night for our supposed Ace.

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This young guy for the Jays. Is making the Red Sox looks silly

Sale just gave up a 2-run shot. Jays now lead 5-3.