06.30.19 Yankees (Tarpley) In England @ Red Sox (E-Rod)


I shut it off. Pissing me off. I’m gonna go enjoy the day. Actually I’m going to bath my kid. He hates baths. It’s goinf to get very angry soon lol.



At this point in the season, with one month to go before the trade deadline, the Boston Red Sox have exactly two options:

  1. Obtain, by any means, some relief pitchers who can get someone out
  2. Become sellers at the trade deadline


Agreed. Cora hasn’t given a sniff as to what he is thinking. But we need to get rid of most of this bullpen. Brewer needs to stay that’s about it.


Is it obvious to everyone but the Red Sox Front Office that this “We don’t need a Real Closer” experiment has been an abject failure?


Been wondering this for weeks now. How this isn’t talked about is insane to me. Didn’t think we needed Kimbrel. I was very very wrong.


WEEI dudes mentioned that the Red Sox are tied with another team (Phillies?) for most blown saves this season.


Offense is trying


I just did some math, and with 20 teams playing 38 games each, the entire English Premier League scored 1072 goals this regular season, for an average of 53.6 goals per team.

The Red Sox and Yankees could score 54 total runs in just these two games. :thinking:

Edit: I lost 10 goals in my adding … it was 1082 total goals for an average of 54.1 per team. Even so …


We suck. The end. Time for afternoon beer