06.22.19 Jays (Law) @ Red Sox (Johnson)

Another bullpen day today folks. Could be ugly… then again this bullpen has been damn good lately so who knows!

Win Dance Repeat X3

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Um, you are messing with game thread mojo. If they lose it’s on you. :wink:

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Ugh. Stupid me. Still half asleep. You guys can throw rocks at me if they lose.

I’m teasing you. It matters not.

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lol well thanks a lot I cried

Weather delay.

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Stupid rain.

I’m eating chips.

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1 2 3 inning for Mr Johnson.

Stuck on Gameday.

What kind?

Doritos cool ranch!!! So good!!



Missed it, but I see a lead.

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5-0 everyone is hitting. Great inning.

Tyler, feel free to mess up mojo anytime. :grin:

I like games that start at 7 PM and end before 10 PM.

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Hahahaa deal!!! I took a shot. It paid off! This is a great start. If the jays come back to win. I’ll cry and never mess with mojo lol

You know what’s a scary movie? Paranormal activity. The part where she stares at her husband for like 3 hours is terrifying.