06.16.19 Red Sox (Johnson) @ Orioles (Means)

Tie game. :angry:

Looked like there was a play at home. :woman_shrugging:

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Stil 2-1. I’m out of here. Good luck bullpen. Don’t blow this hahaha.

Yeah, that was a weird play. Took away the run. Had to go back to 3rd because bunt runner was out of the base path.

The Yankees have acquired Edwin Encarnación from the Mariners!


This game is a real snoozefest.

Hey, what was I thinking? Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads here!

You kidding me? Tie game on a wild pitch. :angry:

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3-2 Orioles off a Sox pitcher I’ve never heard of. Travis Lakins?

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I hate this bullpen.

Marco! Tie game!

Mookie with a triple. Get. Him. Home.


The 2019 Red Sox just don’t make productive outs in situations like this.

Devers! A homer for the lead!

Bases loaded one out for the Sox. Insurance please!

Mookie with the insurance. 6-3 Sox in the 10th.

Wow what happened! I stop watching and we’re winning!

Vaz knocks in two more. I kinda feel bad for the Orioles.

This game is nuts.