06.16.19 Red Sox (Johnson) @ Orioles (Means)

They have a very good pitcher against our very terrible pitcher… I’m scared

Win dance repeat X5


I’m ascared and nervous too.

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We got this… maybe.

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Maybe he will surprise us. But with Baltimore having their ace pitch 10 A it won’t be easy. Hope for a win but if we lose hopefully we can rebound for the next game and not let this loss impact us too much.

We have been wearing our blue jerseys a lot more this year it seems

Series against Minnesota after this. Ugh. Maybe we can win a series against a decent team?

Joolz is here but stuck watching Gameday.

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Welcome Joolz. I’m watching the game. Johnson has actually been solid so far but the offense can’t do much so far. I’ll be taking off shortly in an hour.

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Yup, on Gameday I see a lot of “In play, out(s)”

Ugh. 1-0 them.



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We face an 8-2 pitcher tomorrow. Great.

Offense needs to get going!

Tie game

X with a double scores Devers 1-1.

2-1 Sox! A lead.

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Whooooo. JBJ on fire.

Injury delay. Who is hurt?